XCOR customer announcement next week

I heard about this last week during a brief visit to Mojave, but it’s now official: XCOR Aerospace will announce plans next week for Lynx ticket sales. The December 2 press conference in Beverly Hills will include the announcement of its “General Sales Agent”, a “well-known and established travel entrepreneur” who will be handling ticket sales; its first customer, a “European adventurer who aims to be the first person from his country to make a suborbital flight”; and a ticket price that is “substantially lower than prices quoted by leading competitors”. (On the last point, comments by XCOR at the March announcement of Lynx suggested a ticket price on the order of $100,000.) Orbital Outfitters will also be present at the press conference, demonstrating the pressure suit that will be worn by both Lynx pilots and spaceflight participants.

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  • Peter

    Oh I love it, they’re announcing that they’re about to make an announcement.

    Hey, when the hell is White Knight Two going to perform it’s maiden flight? They said within two or three weeks over three weeks ago and if they don’t do it by tomorrow they certainly won’t do it on Thanksgiving so that would make it four weeks. I know it takes a lot of preperation to do a maiden flight (chase planes and etc) but seriously, what’s the holdup?

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