TrueZer0 flight attempt – failed

TrueZer0 departs the staging area

TrueZer0 has left the staging area and is setting up for their flight attempt, no earlier than 11:30 am MDT (when the FAA window opens). Stay tuned for updates.

Update 12:10 pm MDT: The vehicle took off and flew upwards for several seconds, then lost power and crashed. There was a small fire that was put out, and no injuries reported.

TrueZer0 crash

Update 1:45 pm MDT: TrueZer0 team members explained that the vehicle lifted off well, but started spinning faster and faster around its z-axis, forcing them to abort; that turned off the rocket and caused the vehicle to crash. They said the believe the vehicle to be a total loss, but something that only set them back about $10,000. They seem winning to give it a try again next year.

TrueZer0 vehicle after crash

1 comment to TrueZer0 flight attempt – failed

  • Nathan Koren

    I really do hope they come back next year, and have a wickedly fun fly-off with Paul Breed, Masten, and anybody else who can get a vehicle in the air.

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