Monday Ansari updates

  • Anousheh Ansari discusses some “space travel details” in her latest blog entry, including keeping clean and exercising. Not exactly the most romantic material but, as she puts it, “So I guess all the beauty and excitement of space comes with a price.”
  • Also: the ISS is in the 281 area code, as Peter Diamandis discovered.
  • But is Ansari really blogging from space? Keith Cowing argues no, because she is emailing her entries rather than directly entering them through the web interface of blogging software. “Yawn – astronauts have been doing this for years.” On the other hand, blogging applications like WordPress (the software used by Ansari’s blog) does have a blog by email interface, although we don’t know if that’s being used or not. In any case, it appears from the hundreds of comments left on each post (something typically not found with NASA astronaut dispatches from the ISS) that most people don’t care much about the “purity” of Ansari’s blogging.
  • In addition to blogging (or pseudo-blogging), Ansari is also spending some time on the amateur radio link, as one ham radio operator in Saskatchewan discovered. Ned Carroll is the first ham to talk with Ansari, although their conversation was brief.

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