Superman (director) flies

Bryan Singer is best known these days as the director of the newly-released blockbuster Superman Returns. But he also has a secret identity that he revealed to a Malaysian newspaper: he is a Founder:

Given all the money in the world, what kind of film would you’d like to do?

I would like to shoot a film in space. I’d like to shoot Star Wars on location [laughs]. Honestly, it’s doesn’t matter what environment or genre, because I’m very driven by story and character. But like I said earlier, to be able to shoot in space would be really exciting.

Speaking of that, I’m going to space in 2008. Richard Branson is building this Virgin Galactic Space craft, and I’m one of the 100 founders. We are the first to go up; the guinea pigs!

One wonders if he got any discount by giving Branson a cameo in the movie (although I have yet to see the film to see exactly how that turned out).

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  • I Googled “virgin galactic ceo superman” and this site was the first hit (I was not sure of Richard Branson’s name or whether or not his official title is “CEO”). I don’t want to spoil Superman Returns for you, but Branson’s cameo made me curious. Thanks for your post — that Singer is one of a hundred Virgin Galactic founders is an interesting detail. I imagine it was a good deal for both: Singer has secured his spot in space and Branson has VG’s first [albeit subliminal] commercial.

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