Tuesday Ansari updates

  • Anousheh Ansari continues her blogging (or pseudo-blogging or whatever you want to call it), discussing life on the station and watching the Earth from the station. The best part,” however, she notes, “and by far my favorite view up here is the view of the universe at night. The stars up here are unbelievable… It looks like someone has spread diamond dust over a black velvet blanket.”
  • In addition to her blog, Ansari also has a Flickr account, including a few photos taken from the ISS. So whether or not she’s the first female space tourist, she’s obviously the first Web 2.0 visitor to the ISS…
  • A noted critic of claims that Ansari is blogging in space has something of a change of heart. “Despite where you may fall on the claim as to whether she is ‘blogging’ or not, I do feel that she has broken totally new territory – in an expansive, profound, global fashion.”
  • CBS News’ Bill Harwood writes about Ansari’s blog and her stay on the ISS. Later in the article NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria notes that while he’s changed his mind and is supportive of space tourism, he’s still undecided on other commercial uses of ISS, including the planned golf shot that his Russian crewmate will perform during a November spacewalk. “I think the sort of commercialization of time, of use of time of astronauts and cosmonauts, is a little bit of another step for me. I’m not quite there yet.”
  • There’s been a lot of reaction in the blogosphere to Ansari’s flight, but this post offers a unique opinion about Ansari: “She has advanced the cause of freedom as much as a squadron of B-52’s.” Umm, okay.

3 comments to Tuesday Ansari updates

  • Keith Cowing

    Nice try: No change of heart, Jeff. Be accurate regarding what I wrote. She is not blogging. She is sending email from space.

  • Cadet

    Keith’s post to Ansari’s “blog” was merely a continuation of his usual self-flagellation; note how he usually talks about himself and his “achievements” as much as about the subjects of his rants. Don’t let him provoke you, Jeff.

  • Chance

    You yourself call it a blog in that same paragraph. Come on, be consistant.

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